Company History

Sep 1975
Founded by first president Hiroshi Kono as a company specializing in plastics. Opened Osaka Office in the city of Osaka.
Sep 1976
Opened Kanto Office in the city of Hachioji.
Feb 1983
Constructed Hachioji Plant 1 in Motohongo-cho, Hachioji as a board processing plant.
May 1987
Constructed Hachioji Plant 2 in Hiraoka-cho, Hachioji to increase production capacity.
Aug 1990
Constructed Shiga Plant as part of a system for supplying western Japan.
Oct 1992
Established BENT WP development team in Yagi-cho, Hachioji.
Feb 1993
Cultural Division launches overseas expansion by means of contract with a sales representative in Korea.
Apr 1997
Moved Hachioji Plant 2 to Kawaguchi-machi, Hachioji to increase production capacity.
Mar 2000
Established the Development Project Group in, and relocated the Administration and Accounting Department to, Nishikubo in the city of Musashino.
Apr 2001
Constructed the current Hachioji Plant in Motohongo-cho, Hachioji.
Began providing artifact cleaning and labeling services.
Apr 2002
Developed liquid crystal process line trays and established a department specializing in their manufacture and sales.
Mar 2003
Began using simplified molds (for injection molding) to handle small-lot production of many products, and taking orders for small-lot runs of molded products.
Nov 2004
Relocated the Sales Head Office Division and the Administration and Accounting Department to Motohongo-cho, Hachioji.
Aug 2006
Ryoko Kono takes over as the second company president.
Jan 2007
Acquired certification in the Eco Stage environmental management system.
Nov 2007
Received the Encouragement Prize at the 5th Tama Blue Green Awards, sponsored by Tama Shinkin Bank, for the promising future of the business model for our new artifact cleaning and labeling system (artifact cleaning and labeling machines).
Began exploring overseas markets for both the industrial and cultural divisions, and began exhibiting at overseas trade shows.
Apr 2011
Prepared an integrated design and production system at the Shiga Plant to expand sales of line pallets.
Mar 2012
Launched the “Tasuki” brand of products for passing down cultural heritage to strengthen our Cultural Division brand as part of our effort to break into foreign markets in earnest.
Feb 2014
Applied for and was selected for a feasibility study by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation.
Jun 2014
Acquired ISO14001 to perform more environmentally friendly product manufacturing.
Jul 2014
Cultural Division contracted with a sales representative in France and began rollout in Europe.
Began exhibiting at Society for American Archaeology (SAA) and European Association of Archeologists (EAA) conferences in order to contribute to the global cultural artifact industry.
Oct 2015
Launched our Forestry Division as the third pillar of our business together with our industrial and cultural divisions.
Feb 2016
Mako bamboo profile gauges introduced as a “made in Japan” product used around the world on TV Tokyo’s Wafu sohonke (Japan Style Originator) program.
Jan 2018
Recognized in the Tama region as a Tama-GNT (“global niche top”) company.
Nov 2018
Forestry Division launched sales of the Masaki automatic planting machine.
Feb 2019
Became Japan’s first supporting member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).
Oct 2019
Relocated the Osaka Office to the Kyoto Office.