Petal-shaped acrylic pedestal for earthenware

Petal-shaped acrylic pedestal for earthenware

This is an adjustable acrylic pottery pedestal. The legs are affixed to the base with screws. There are large and small petals (legs) and bases, and all can be combined freely. This means that the base can be made to fit the shape of the pottery. Also, if the adjustable leg is used, the pottery can also be supported from above. Because there is nothing to block the view, it is possible to exhibit the pottery in a fashion that shows more of the pattern. The petals (legs) are like a flower blossoming, showing off the attractiveness of the pottery.

Example purchase sets

Both large and small petals (legs) can be attached facing inward or outward.
Each petal can be attached to either the large or small base.

There are holes in the base for screws, so it can be affixed to the display stand.

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