Daiichigosei is the expert in electrostatic countermeasures.
We can offer total support proposals from the production line to the transportation stage with boxes, dividers to transfer carts, and line pallets.
For 40 years since 1975, we have been offering products and solutions for business partners in need of electrostatic countermeasures.
We have made sales with more than 3,000 customers varying from fields in automobiles, light electrical appliances, communications, heavy electric machinery, and the food industry.

Our advantages on electrostatic countermeasures
  1. Personalized electrostatic countermeasure goods development for individual clients and products.
  2. Fine processing technologies based on our proven experiences
  3. Problem solving ideas by our sales staff with ESD qualifications
With advantage in our creativity in problem solving and proposal plannings based on our development and manufacturing history, we serve our business partners requests and necessities by thinking of ways to protect our partners product together, and making it happen.
We offer detailed responses to each and every challenge. Because we want to discuss how to protect the product together, and offer what meets our business partner's expectations.

Transport, storing, and picking

Electric conductive corrugated plastic boxes, electric conductive plastic containers, electric conductive transfer carts, anti-electrostatic dividers/packing material, electric conductive organizer boxes, electric conductive tray boxes, rack trays

Mounting-related material

Electric conductive magazine racks, tape feeder racks

Work cell manufacturing

Electrostatic countermeasure vinyl sheets, electrostatic countermeasure mats, sectional joint pipes (SPACIO), rotating tables


Line pallet/vacuum molding trays

Management and packaging

Electric conductive see-through drawing cases/antistatic (PHD) bags