Antistatic Measures Recommended by Daiichigosei’s ESD Coordinators

We offer a wide range of antistatic products. With our manufacturing capability and ability to propose solutions, we can resolve the issues that our customers face at their particular sites.

As a leading manufacturer of stackable plastic containers and corrugated plastic boxes, Daiichigosei has developed expertise in technologies for addressing electrostatic discharge (ESD) and is currently the only corrugated plastic box manufacturer with certified in-house ESD Coordinators (technical experts in managing static electricity). Offering comprehensive coordination of equipment such as boxes, dividers, pallets, dollies, and work desks that protect customer products from production site to distribution site, we make every effort to respond to all requests for product-specific customization and small-lot handling. Leveraging the wealth of ideas and problem-solving capability we have accumulated in building our track record in development and production to date, we suggest ways customers can protect their products from static electricity.

Daiichigosei’s Antistatic Products

Rack Trays

Rack trays are used with molded containers or corrugated plastic boxes to safely and efficiently transport printed circuit boards without placing stress on them. The printed circuit boards are held in place using special-purpose dividers that do not come into contact with mounted components during transport and storage. Dividers are available in many variations and can be adjusted in 4mm increments by using special-purpose side guides. Removable simple rack trays make use of existing containers, which can the be used as normal when not being used as rack trays.

Conductive Corrugated Plastic Boxes

We recommend corrugated plastic boxes as an antistatic measure for precision components such as printed circuit boards, electronic components, and LCDs. Because these boxes are electrically conductive, just putting the product into the box attenuates static electricity and presents electrostatic discharge. They maintain conductivity semi-permanently and are almost completely unaffected by humidity. Conductive dividers, trays, and cushioning materials are also available and can be designed and manufactured with the boxes to provide extra peace of mind during transport.

ESD Coatings

Applying a conductive coating to new, non-antistatic plastic products is a service that gives them a surface resistance enabling them to be brought into ESD protected areas (EPAs) (conductivity range: 105Ω–108Ω), preventing problems due to electrostatic discharge.
*Coating can be used with ABS, PC, etc.
*Depending on material quality, there are some products that cannot be coated.

Conductive Dollies

We can design and manufacture dollies for transport, storage, and picking in your desired size using cut aluminum angle bars. Casters are made of materials including conductive rubber and nylon. Can be customized with brakes, or for the number of containers to be carried, to fit each use case.


Using this system, it is possible to build a variety of equipment such as worktables, racks, and wagons to size by combining and connecting a variety of pipes and joints. Considerate of both the environment and safety, the system offers solutions that are lighter, conserve energy, and use less space. When conductive parts are used, this system can be used in ESD protected areas (EPAs) where precision components are handled.