REIER Display Cases

REIER Display Cases

REIER is a global glass display manufacturer in Lauta, Germany. For more than 25 years it has offered optimal display environments for precious cultural artifacts based on a firm conviction in “art for art’s sake.” Working closely with curators, conservators, architects, and research institutes, it has established a position as in innovator in product and technology development.

Encountering REIER Display Cases for the First Time

At an exhibition we attended in the UK, the display cases from REIER blew away those from other companies in the quality of their glass, the details of their construction and how beautiful they looked. The high-quality glass, in particular, was so amazing that we immediately asked to tour the company’s factory. Located in Lauta, a quiet town in eastern Germany, the factory was elegantly designed for a waste-free flow through each step in the assembly line. With even the smallest components hand crafted by skilled craftspeople, REIER creates its high-quality display cases using an integrated production system incorporating manufacturing, assembly, and even environmental measurements.

REIER produces one-of-a-kind display cases in accordance with customer specifications for shape, size, color, type of glass, and lighting. Please be assured that you can count on us,as Japan’s only distributor of REIER products, to accurately relay your needs and feedback.

3 Types of REIER Display Cases

Information Needed to Place an Order

1. Measurements (mm)

Height x Width x Depth

2. Lighting Arrangements

Number and position of lights needed to illuminate the displayed items as desired.

3. Access Method

In addition to the information above, other details such as glass type and color will also be required when placing an order.