Site Policy

Please keep the following points in mind when using the Daiichigosei Co., Ltd. website (https://www.daiichigosei.co.jp/) and incidental services such as e-mails:


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Website Content
and Information
  1. Objective
    The website presents information about products and services.
  2. Content and Information
    We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the content and information conveyed through the website and incidentals such as e-mail, but there may be cases where this is not possible. Please understand that the content and information is subject to change or revision without prior notice.
  3. Governing Law
    Daiichigosei Co., Ltd. administers the website in Japan, and use of the website is governed by and interpreted under the laws of Japan.
Personal Information
(Privacy Policy)

Daiichigosei Co., Ltd. respects the rights of individuals and handles personal information in compliance with laws and ordinances related to the protection of personal information.

  1. We will establish a management system by drawing up internal regulations and clearly identifying the person responsible for protecting personal information.
  2. Personal information will be handled reasonably and appropriately within the scope required to achieve objectives that have been publicly announced or communicated to the individual in advance.
  3. Appropriate security measures will be taken to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, or leaking of personal information.
  4. Necessary measures will be taken in accordance with the law when providing personal information to third parties.
  5. We will respond as quickly as possible to inquiries about or requests to disclose, amend, or cease the use of personal information.
  6. We will work to ensure that employees are aware of how to handle personal information appropriately, carrying out in-house training and education and reviewing our management system continuously.
Product Information

In some cases, the photographs used may look different from the actual items. Please contact individual dealers for price information.


Copyright to the content of the website and incidentals such as e-mail belongs either to Daiichigosei Co., Ltd. or to its creators. Please do not use, reproduce, alter, change, or utilize it for commercial purposes.


The logos and trademarks of the products and services carried on the website belong to or have been licensed by Daiichigosei Co., Ltd. Please do not use these in creating websites or other material that could be taken to suggest a relationship to these products and services.

Links to Website

If you wish to create a link to the website, please use the URL from the top page: https://www.daiichigosei.co.jp/. Please do not create the following types of links:

(1) Links from sites that include content that violates public order and morality, is illegal, or could be either.

(2) Links in a form that infringes on copyright through the use of frames or other means that make it unclear that the content is Daiichigosei’s.

(3) Links that are for commercial or moneymaking purposes (links designed to gain compensation or benefit). [Note: Please contact Daiichigosei Co., Ltd. if you wish to place a link from such a site.]

The Collection and
Use of Personal Information
  1. We will use the personal information you submit for the following purposes:
    • Communicating by post, e-mail, telephone, or fax as part of services that we have determined to be of benefit to users.
    • Sending—or relaying through e-mail, telephone, or fax—pamphlets or other materials related to information you have asked about.
    • Surveys and analysis intended to improve the quality of this service.
    • Communicating by post, e-mail, telephone, or fax in situations related to the operation of this service that are thought to have a material impact on users.
  2. We will manage and maintain the personal information you submit in accordance with the personal information management system that we have established.
  3. Upon receiving your request to do so, we will promptly amend or delete information that you have submitted.
  4. We will not disclose or provide the information you have submitted to any third party without your consent. However, such information may be disclosed to third parties in the following situations:
    • When in the form of data that has been statistically processed to prevent the identification of individuals.
    • When in accordance with legal regulations.
    • When disclosure is necessary to protect your life, body, or assets and it is difficult to gain your consent.
    • When it is essential for judicial proceedings.